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Modern Building

Sustainability led Transformation of Commercial Real Estate

Working towards making Real Estate clean for the planet

Our Role in Asset Transformation 

PHI Space works with Asset Owners to identify gaps in space utilization and sustainability performance across their assets.

We help you programmatically think about the office buildings to deliver high quality places of work and unlock value for occupants and investors.

Delivering for the Flight-to-Quality

The role of the workplace, as we once knew it, has changed. Asset Owners understand the need to address the dynamic needs of Occupiers who are seeking places that do more. Vibrant developments with productive environments focused on wellness and safety are attracting Occupiers, in their flight to quality. 

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Delivering on ESG across developments

At PHI, Sustainability is not an afterthought. It comes fully integrated across processes and is the basis of our core values.

Our exclusive partnership with Measurabl, gives us an opportunity to service asset owners with a data driven approach to ESG,


Purpose-led projects and investments with human-centric value propositions


Data-driven design processes


Tech-enabled execution and rapid deployment techniques


Sustainability focused sourcing & supply-chain 

Green Indoors

Our Story

PHI Space partners with Real Estate developers and Occupiers to design, build and transform spaces for better community and work place experience. While Asset Owners talk about square footage and floor plans, at PHI Space we use data to focus on the work place experience — how spaces function, feel, and are activated.

The trinity of nature, technology and people centric design is a dynamic combination that enables us to create spaces that are sustainable in every way.

Headquartered in Singapore, we are backed by a passionate group of investors from Real Estate, Sustainability and Architecture backgrounds - sharing a common interest to build a world-class real estate venture focused on design, innovation and sustainability.

Insights & Global Trends

Our design and technology research teams based out of Singapore, provide project insights in line with global trends and cutting edge innovation.

Areas of Focus

ESG alignment for Commercial Real Estate

We help you boost ESG performance through long-term goal setting which in turn can deliver increased NOI and inherent asset value

Image by Sigmund

Leading with Technology & Innovation

PHI Space's commitment to technology and innovation in Real Estate was recently recognized by a 2021 Autodesk Technology Impact Program global grant to drive impact through design and sustainability.

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