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recognized by autodesk for driving impact through technology

While most stakeholders in design and development of real estate recognize the potential for digital transformation, there are few examples of successful transformations at scale.

For companies like ours that are in a growth phase, the biggest challenge is the resistance among stakeholders to changing tools and processes.

@Bala Viswanathan, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at PHI Space, has transformed the way projects are delivered, by providing a collaborative delivery model that fosters innovation and sustainability across the supply chain process.

As we journey to deliver over 500,000 sq.ft across for one of the largest commercial real estate developers in Hyderabad, we are driving efficiency through tools that are dynamic and allow remote access to tracking site progress through drone imaging and machine learning.

Our commitment to deliver sustainability and efficiency in design, has been recognized by Autodesk’s Technology Impact Program that has awarded PHI Space with software that will advance our mission to create positive impact.

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