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Making Sustainability core to our design decisions

For the last decade there have been several debates on how green building rating systems have influenced design- some believe that it is inherent to their design solution while others argue that it must be measured with more rigour, much like the rating systems do.

However, we believe that the basic understanding of how people will use the spaces, and how spaces need to adapt to future trends will decide the sustainability strategy for the development.

This example of an outdoor space in a commercial building represents the subtle yet powerful impact of changes in the layout design. Based on the understanding of demographics and usage patterns sustainable strategies were developed for material selection, energy efficiency and wellness.

An adaptive approach ensures longevity of the sustainability strategies. For example, use of materials and modular structures will allow the spaces to change and adapt based on future requirements- ensuring the long life of the materials used.

Biophilic elements also core to the design, address the requirements of wellness in air quality in a powerful manner.

Outdoor War Rooms

Vibrant Health Bars

Outdoor Meeting Room

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