PHI's Innovation Lab is developing AI-based technology for Tenant Intelligence


Increase in common area utilization


Reduction in tenant engagement costs

Increase in tenant satisfaction 


Asset Owners get key data insights to

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Make decisions about common areas that influence  tenant  retention

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Increase revenue upside by activating underutilized spaces

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Track metrics related to space utilization and quality to drive up asset value

Bringing data together from disparate sources to form an Intelligence Cloud


A Machine Learning-based approach

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Understands user preferences and needs based on demographics

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Identifies gaps in the existing amenity mix, on campus services and deploys suitable engagement and activation

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Post - COVID community engagement to bring life back to the Office park

Integrating useful data from your property assets to help derive critical tenant intelligence as a key differentiator in office park.s 

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Advanced analytics to measure and monitor  asset performance.

Customized reports track indicators like revenue from common areas, tenant happiness, space upgrades and sustainability that provide insights that relate to asset value


Our technology platform

Defining User profiling and preferences




Aggregation of all usable common areas, identifying revenue potential from underutilized spaces.


Space Analytics


Advanced analytics to measure and monitor common areas and tenant experience.


Asset Owner’s Dashboard

Data driven approach to plan your service providers in your open spaces

Single dashboard lets you map your spaces for usage on what tenants really want. Empty spaces in your office parks can now generate more traffic.